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Universidade Federal do Ceará
Programa de Pós-graduação em Engenharia Agrícola

Área do conteúdo

Laboratory of Hydraulics and Irrigation

The laboratory of Hydraulics and Irrigation has an area of 1 ha and comprises two buildings around 300 m² each and a field area for the installation of experiments.

One of the buildings consists of six offices for teachers and technicians, two classrooms, three bathrooms and a mini-secretary. In the other building are installed the sectors of hydraulics and the laboratory of soil physics.

In the hydraulics sector, a closed water circulation system, with adduction from a cistern with a capacity of 40 m³, is repressed to a suspended reservoir with a capacity of 10 m³, where the water is gravity-derived to two channels. From this reservoir, water is also derived to a piping system where pressure dropping practices can be performed. The pumping system consists of two water pumps with a power of 30 HP each. The hydraulic laboratory also works as a support to the disciplines practices: Irrigation and drainage principles and surface irrigation, such as: calibration of Parshall gutters, siphons, Speedy, use of profilometers, tests of flow in microsprinklers, fabrication of tensiometer with mercury manometer.

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